Mountain Buggy Terrain

By Published On: February 1st, 2017

I was so excited to get the Mountain Buggy Terrain […]

I was so excited to get the Mountain Buggy Terrain stroller and try it out. We have four kids and have owned several different strollers. My husband likes to joke (although I guess it’s not really a joke if it’s true) that we have a lot of money tied up in strollers. We recently gave away our last single stroller and were left with only doubles, but there are definitely times when a single stroller is all that’s needed and the double is just too cumbersome. So I was excited to try the Mountain Buggy Terrain.

It was very easy to put together. No tools were needed, which is always appreciated. The tires come pre-inflated, another nice feature. The instructions were easy to follow overall. They only offered the instructions with illustrations—none with text—and there were a few spots where it would have been helpful to me to have some extra text to explain what the illustration was trying to show me. But, in the end, I managed to get it all put together by myself (usually I leave assembly to my husband, but I wanted give an honest write-up) without much mess or fuss.

My very favorite part of the Mountain Buggy Terrain is the height of the handlebars. My husband is 6′ 4″, and he is always complaining that the strollers we’ve had in the past are difficult and uncomfortable for him to push because the handlebars are so low. The Mountain Buggy Terrain has an adjustable handlebar that comes up high enough for him to comfortably push the stroller. The handlebar is easy to adjust up or down and ranges in height from 36.4″ to 48.6″—basically, it’s a tall person’s dream stroller!


My second favorite feature is the front wheel can either swivel or lock into place. Our jogging strollers in the past all had a locked front wheel that couldn’t swivel. There are times when a swivel wheel is much more desirable, so it’s nice to have the option with this stroller. What’s even better is you can switch from swivel to locked with just the flick of a switch. Easy-peasy!

The Mountain Buggy Terrain comes with two different options for the rear wheels. There is a set of 12″ wheels and a set of 16″ wheels that are easily interchangeable, depending on your needs. We set it up with the 16″ tires and were very happy with the handling and maneuverability of the stroller.

The seat adjusts nicely, going from sitting upright to laying completely flat. I really like that it reclines fully. Our experience with strollers in the past is that they don’t fully recline, leaving a sleeping babe in a more uncomfortable position than if they were lying flat. We haven’t experienced a stroller nap in the Mountain Buggy Terrain yet, but I’m confident that our youngest, who is 10 months old, will rest comfortably when the time comes! Additionally, with a maximum carrying weight of 55 pounds, it easily transports any of our children who range in age from 10 months to 7 years.


The Mountain Buggy Terrain comes with a slew of other features that are pluses in my book. The retractable leg rest allows the leg rest to extend or retract by pulling out the bar located underneath the seat, which allows for maximum comfort for the rider. The crotch strap is adjustable so that it suits the comfort of any size child! The 5-point harness is easy to use and requires just one push of the button to release and reload one clip at a time; good for any busy mama (or dada) on the go! The foot brake, sunshade and two bottle holders round out the awesome extra features that come standard on this stroller.

At 24.8″ wide and 28.5 pounds, it is not too bulky for a jogging stroller. It folds easily and didn’t take up too much space in the car. I really love the neutral colors (black and white). The material wipes clean easily. This stroller also comes with a covered storage compartment underneath which is a great feature that we use all the time. It’s nice to know I can zip it shut and things aren’t going to fall out as we make our way down the road. The zip-covered gear tray holds 22 pounds of storage, with built in compartment pockets for better organization. There are also zip pockets on the sun hood with headphone eyelets! The folks at Mountain Buggy Terrain have really thought of everything!

We used this stroller on a variety of terrains—pavement, gravel, grass, packed sand—and it performed exceptionally on all of them. We are beyond thrilled with performance of the Mountain Buggy Terrain. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this stroller to parents who are looking for a sturdy, well-equipped, easy-to-use stroller that is perfect for city shopping or off-road jogging and everything in-between.

Price: $600
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By Anna

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