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As a mom of two small babies, I have had […]

As a mom of two small babies, I have had my fair share of moments where I felt I was totally in the way while out in public. I quickly became a fan of compact strollers and was more than happy to review the Mountain Buggy swift for its smaller-than-average footprint and crowd-friendly frame. Here’s how it held up to a day in the life of a busy urban mom:

First impressions
The swift stroller arrives mostly intact—it only requires a quick snap of the front and rear wheels to get rolling! The first thing I noticed were the 10-inch air-filled wheels; it looked like something that could handle both pavement and woodchips at the playground. Living in a city with terrible sidewalks, this was good news, as I need something that adjusts to different types of ground.

The fabric felt durable and industrial, like it could hold up to future spills, messes and aggressive wipe-downs. It also came in a great shade of blue that was fun without bring too bright or neon, which I appreciate in my baby gear. One fun thing that’s included is a color swatch of all fabric choices you can purchase separately. My two little ones had so much fun playing with these fabric pieces—you would have thought it was a toy!

Overall, the look of the stroller was great. I thought the side profile was especially sleek. It felt very sturdy and easy to steer, but it was also so lightweight. I gave it a few laps around the dining room table for good measure, and it was smooth sailing.

Size matters
As I mentioned, this pushchair is narrow, but it packs a full-size seat that can fit newborns up to age 4 with a max weight of 44 pounds. The stroller itself isn’t heavy at a little over 20 pounds (in case you’re planning to lift it in and out of your trunk or onto a bus or train), and it has a flat, free-standing fold for easy storage. I live in a small space, so I love that I can stash it in a closet or under my bed whenever I don’t want to have it in view.

To test out its ability to navigate city life, I took it to a local fall festival in our neighborhood. So many people attend this event each year that they shut down all the streets around our community to let people wander the roads. Taking our double stroller had previously been a nightmare, so I was hopeful for a better outcome. I’m happy to say we had a much more pleasant experience with this buggy, and the extra wiggle room in a crowd that dense made a huge difference in my ability to enjoy that time with my family. I was able to curb hop when needed (without much effort) and push it on grass, too, making all parts of the festival accessible to our crew. I’ll also note that my newly 2-year-old daughter attempted to eat a popsicle for the first time and essentially let it melt all over her and the seat. Thankfully, cleaning it up was really simple!

Bells and whistles
I’m big on added features, and the swift stroller comes with many! It boasts a 5-point harness that’s easy to snap into place, a generously sized sunhood that extends pretty far down to better shield your baby from harmful rays, and it also has a peek-a-boo flap for easy viewing. I always rely on these to see if my kids have fallen asleep or are still napping while out and about. A water bottle holder is included in the price, which is a nice bonus. Another handy perk of this pick is the new, one-handed fold that’s simple and very convenient. Parents carry enough as it is, so anything that helps keeps at least one hand free is a win.

I think the biggest feature or noticeable benefit of using this stroller over others is the maneuverability. I learned that the story behind Mountain Buggy was birthed from a father’s need to create a product with all terrain capability. Mountain Buggy’s three wheel platform (featured here) combines superior functionality and style. These strollers are engineered for the mountains and designed for the city, which really is the best of both worlds. It’s so easy to use and requires less force to steer or guide over curbs, patchy sidewalks or uneven ground—even cobblestone! It acts as an extension of wherever you’re walking thanks to a lock- or swivel- front wheel.

If you have a newborn, a carrycot can be used with this pram. It can be positioned three different ways, and it is also car seat compatible with the protect infant seat. If you have an older sibling, the freerider Stroller Board can be purchased to turn your single stroller into a multi-passenger unit.

All in all, the Mountain Buggy swift would be great for a family needing an everyday stroller that can handle various tasks and terrain. Given its slim size, an urban family would benefit most with its ability to move with crowded areas and narrow sidewalks. Or if space in general is an issue, this option is great to accommodate storage both in a vehicle and inside the home.

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