Mountain Buggy POD

By Published On: October 3rd, 2013

When first having a baby, many thoughts run through your […]

mountain-buggy-pod1When first having a baby, many thoughts run through your head, and pretty much all are associated with time management and priorities. You may be bombarded with thoughts of the responsibility you have for loving and caring for another human being. However, you, like I did, may fail to forget the “little” things. What do I mean? Having not married until I was 27 and then not having my first child until I was 28, I got pretty accustomed to a particular lifestyle, mainly eating when I was hungry—only when I was hungry, that is, and when I remembered and/or when I had the time. Then, the family came! Many may think tedious jobs associated with babies are changing diapers, giving baths, etc., not for this mama! For me, the most tedious job, yet one of the most important is feeding the child. Where, when, how to keep the process somewhat tidy has often been a challenge for me, but luckily, the Mountain Buggy POD has made this much more convenient.
Despite the incredibly easy manner in which it is able to connect to any table, its sturdiness and ability to stably hold my child is astonishing. Prior to getting the POD, I had used the standard highchair and even those highchairs you strap onto a pre-existing chair, but neither were as stable especially with a growing, active, mobile child, and they both took up unnecessary space. My daughter of fairly petite stature has no problem fitting into the seat nor do I have any fear that she fits comfortable or her weight is too much for it to handle. However, because of its encompassing nature, I am not sure the applicability in regards to fitting children of a larger size. Mountain Buggy does recommend the chair for babies between 3 months and 3 years up to 33 pounds.
MOUNTAINBUGGY_2Because of how it attaches directly to the table, via C-clamp, the child is no longer separated from those sitting around the table by a tray. She literally has her own seat at the table. Although this is nice, on one hand I found the absence of a tray something to adjust to as I had become accustomed to simply placing her food on her personal tray.
With a growing infant, soon to reach her toddler years, comes one major thing: movement, and lots of it! Because of the construction of the POD as opposed to other options, including those provided at restaurants, my daughter is unable to use her seat as a means to help her escape. Additionally, the POD is equipped with a belt for additional restraint.
The front panel that the child’s legs slip through also provides a barrier between the child and the underside of the table, an area whose substances are best to remain unknown, especially at an age when putting things in their mouths are a child’s favorite pastime. Furthermore, the compactness makes for easier clean up. Lastly, accompanied with its own bag and fold-in clamps, it is easily portable to wherever you may choose to feed your child.
With the arrival of my second child expected in just a few days(!), I plan on purchasing a second POD. The convenience and portability it offers have already proven priceless.
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