Mountain Buggy Pod

If portability is what you’re after, then the Mountain Buggy […]

If portability is what you’re after, then the Mountain Buggy Pod is the highchair for you. We love to travel and eat out, so, when given the opportunity to try the Mountain Buggy Pod, I was thrilled.

Set up: When the box arrived and it came time to set it up, I pulled out the manual, braced for the typical first-time set up fumble. To my surprise, it was probably one of the simplest items I’ve ever put together. Slip it out of the bag, turn down the arms, slide onto counter and turn knobs to tighten. You wouldn’t even need the manual; the layout was simple and easy to understand.

Safety: I’ve always been a little nervous about using this type of chair. Is it safe? Will it hold my wiggly, and very heavy 8-month-old? After testing its sturdiness, I had no more doubts—this felt like a very safe and secure chair.

Comfort: Once attached to the counter, I slipped my little one in. She bounced with excitement! The frame almost cradled her body but she was sitting up nice and straight. Also, her food was at eye level which she loved for easy shoveling.


My first impressions were great. Easy to set up and a simple design. Plus, my little one seemed to love it as well. So many highchairs are such eyesores but this chair is a very neutral addition to any space. You hardly notice it attached to the counter. This is a great bonus for a small space or for someone like me who doesn’t want their house to be taken over by all of the baby’s items. So far, this chair was hitting all the marks!

Our usual highchair is wooden which I love for its cleanliness. Fabric chairs have always grossed me out. How would you keep them clean? To my surprise, the fabric on the Mountain Buggy Pod has been very easy to wipe clean. Also, the way the child sits in the chair causes less food to fall in her lap. Less food on the lap equals more food in her belly and less laundry for me. The only flaw that I was able to find was a small gap between the counter and the chair where the food tends to fall to the floor. This was quickly discovered by our dogs who have been happy to clean up any fallen bits.

When you want to take it on the go, it is easy to take down. Slip it off, twist it flat and slide it into a convenient carry bag. It is lightweight enough that you hardly notice the addition in a diaper bag or you can easily transport it in the carry bag alone. When not in use, it fits easily in a drawer.

Even though we got this chair for travel, we have also been using it while at home. My little one loved having her food right at eye level and the slight bounce the seat would give her. However, I found feeding her in the chair from the counter was slightly awkward since I had to stand to feed her rather than sit directly in front of her as I would in our usual highchair. So, while at home, we mainly use this chair for snacktime and to hang with me in the kitchen while I cook.

Overall, I still like my floor standing highchair for daily meals, but I love this item for its portability and small profile. It is a breeze to set up and take down. We have loved taking it with us to the park, friends’ homes and on the road. This is a great chair option for those who are tight on space or who are looking for a portable chair to have on hand.

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By Adrienne