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Meet ‘n’ greet Lives: Eugene, Oregon Loves: Two-year-old Dana and […]

Meet ‘n’ greet

Lives: Eugene, Oregon
Loves: Two-year-old Dana and husband, Seejay
Works: Makeup artist and social media manager (
Favors: Monday! Just coming off the weekend and ready to hit the ground running!
Crushes: Jason Momoa forever (sorry, husband).
Digs: The ‘70s give me all the heart eyes.
Shops: H&M for mass retail and Balm Apparel for small business
Instagram: @meghan_ceallaigh

Who is your style inspiration?
A: I find style inspiration from all over, especially through all the beautiful feeds on Instagram, but there is a blogger, @sammijefcoate, who is my modern-day style icon! Her ability to mix classic pieces with rock-and-roll trend items is perfection. For beauty, I’m constantly inspired by @jkissa. Not only is she mixing colors in the most unique way, but she’s the sweetest person in real life. Shameless plug, she’s one of my dearest friends, but truly she inspires me endlessly as an artist.

How do you describe your style?
Rock-and-roll with a classic edge. Comfort is key with my style, so I favor a lot of denim and tees, but I like to elevate it.

What’s the one piece you can throw on to look (or fake) put-together?
A: Throwing a blazer over a T-shirt (even if I slept in said shirt, haha) makes me feel like I’ve got my act together.

Do you have a style mantra that you practice?
A: Wear what makes you feel good, unapologetically. I spent a lot of years with people looking at me sideways for what I was wearing before I realized I am who I am. As long as you feel beautiful, you’re doing great.

What are your beauty must-haves?
A: A great moisturizer, mascara, white eye shadow for the inner corners of my eyes, winged eyeliner and red lipstick. I got my undying love of lipstick from my grandmother, and it will always be a staple for me, as it was for her.

What beauty tips do you have for busy mamas?
A: I have tons of them! White eye shadow, or just a shade lighter than your skin tone, at the inner corners of your eyes is a great way to fake a few hours of sleep. (Same with white eyeliner on your waterline.) Lipstick is a quick, easy way to elevate any look. Honestly though, even if I only have five minutes, I feel better when I get at least a little paint on this barn! Beauty is totally personal, so just pick your favorite feature and focus your time there.

What will you never walk out the door without?
A: Man, I’m really bad with only picking one answer! (Is saying my diaper bag backpack a cop-out?) OK, OK: sunglasses. Always sunglasses. Final answer.

By Erin Shea Long

Images: Courtesy of Meghan Ceallaigh