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By Published On: April 18th, 2012

Written by: Suzanna Palmer April 17 2012 While most people […]

Written by: Suzanna Palmer

While most people aren’t big fans of Mondays, they’ve been my favorite day of the week ever since Tom and I got married. And, since Jacob arrived, I love them all the more.

Because Tom works in ministry, Sundays are a work day for him so he gets Monday off. Saturdays are usually full of errands or hangout time with family and friends, but Mondays are special. They’re reserved just for three of us.
I know some people may not have the luxury of a day like this—and that I might not always have it—and with that in mind, I treasure our time together all the more, beginning from the moment we wake up.

If Jacob stirs early, I lay him down between us, and no matter how groggy we are from the night before, his baby smiles and laughs perk us up right away. Breakfast usually follows, and from there the options are endless. Some weeks we loll around the house all day. Other weeks, we use the day for fun trips.

This past Monday, we did one of my very favorite things in the world and ventured to a bookstore for an afternoon of lazy, rainy-day reading. We hadn’t attempted this since Jacob was born, and it turned out to be even more fun—and funny—with baby in tow.

We each grabbed something to read, coffee from the Starbucks cafe and settled in for some quiet reading. Silly assumption #1. Quiet? Clearly, I’m still a little na