Mom brain

By Published On: September 22nd, 2014

People talk about pregnancy brain, but what about mom brain? […]


Rowan’s not amused by my memory loss.

People talk about pregnancy brain, but what about mom brain? Is it a thing? Because I think I have it. I am completely reliant on my calendar and list apps on my phone to keep me current on things to do. As soon as I realize we need bananas or mouthwash or laundry detergent, it has to go on the list; otherwise, I won’t remember to pick it up at the store. If someone invites us to brunch on the weekend, it needs to go straight into my calendar; otherwise, they will get stood up.
My memory came to an all-time low this past weekend when the boys and I were dining al fresco for a family lunch. I was about to clean up the splash zone surrounding Rowan’s seat when I realized that it had already been scooped up. I looked at Arthur and said, “That’s weird, the birds must have gotten his food already.” My sweet, kind husband gave me a quizzical look, “I picked it up. Two minutes ago. I was standing right next to you. Remember? We talked.” He kept adding details in the hopes that it would ring a bell, but they weren’t tolling in my empty tower.
WebMD hints that pregnancy brain will last after your baby comes, blaming it on sleep deprivation. (Yes, it has an article for pregnancy brain, and yes, I looked it up.) According to WebMD, moms can get a sleep debt of up to 700 hours the first year. Last week we established that I’ve lost way more than that. No wonder I’m so dependent on my grocery list. The website’s novel solution? More sleep.
Fortunately, my memory lapses are limited to domestic chores. As long as I’m forgetting to pick up paper towels and not my son, then it’s normal.
Now what was I doing again?