Modest Middles Nursing Tank

By Published On: July 28th, 2010

Written by: Julie July 28 2010 The Modest Middles nursing […]

Written by: Julie

The Modest Middles nursing tank was created by a mom in an effort to make nursing a little less revealing. It can be worn under any top so that, when you are nursing, your sides, stomach and back stay covered. I found that it was very comfortable to wear and didn’t feel too tight, but fit snugly under another shirt. It's made with a very lightweight material, so even in the summertime, it doesn’t make you feel like you are wearing another heavy layer of clothes.

Modest Middles Nursing TankThe tank features a U-shaped design that fits under your bra line so as to make your nursing bra very accessible. It stays comfortably under your bra and doesn’t dig in or ride up like I thought it might. The straps on the tank are adjustable and don’t seem to slip down like some tank straps do. They also have a longer torso so they don’t ride up under clothes and cover completely when you are nursing. The Modest Middle that I received also came with a picture illustrating how to wrap the strap through your nursing bra in order to wear the tank with a top that has a deep cut or thin straps. This helpful picture will be available on their website soon, so stay tuned! The tank can be washed in cold water but must be laid flat to dry.

A Modest Middle is a convenient way to keep the rest of your torso covered while you are nursing. It's available in three different colors—white, black and nude—so it can go under any color top. It is available in sizes small to extra-large and is made of modal and spandex which makes it soft and comfortable but stretches at the same time. While many women feel self-conscious while nursing, I think this tank makes it a more comfortable situation. It is comfortable to wear and can be worn under any type of top—I definitely think this is a great accessory to have if you are planning on nursing!

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