Model baby

By Published On: June 5th, 2013

My baby lies to the public. At home, he cries […]

Photo-number-1My baby lies to the public. At home, he cries here and there like any normal baby. Away from home, he likes to stare and pose for our friends, like a runway model baby. He is quiet, observantand stoic. He’s a strong, silent baby. Whether we are traveling to Los Angeles or having an afternoon lunch, this baby is remarkably calm. When he gets back home, he decides to act like a normal baby again. He must care about his image.
My wife and I recently found ourselves driving through a friendly nearby neighborhood while starving. Our baby had been fussy off and on throughout the day, but was currently taking a much needed nap. We pulled up to one of our favorite restaurants and debated going in. The baby had only briefly been asleep, and we wanted to help him stay that way. We were afraid that a loud restaurant atmosphere might disrupt his sleep and set him off.
We ultimately decided to have dinner there, and the baby sat with us next to the table. He was calm throughout. We found ourselves surprised at every gust of wind, each noisy clang and every loud waiter. Our model baby continued to be calm in a public setting. That same day, we went to a friend’s birthday party. Although he had cried in his stroller and in the car just before arriving, the little guy proved once again that he is a man of the public. He stared at people, pretended he liked me, and showed off his charming personality.
The other day, my wife conducted a brief photo shoot in our living room. We wanted to commemorate his 1-month of life by taking pictures of him in cute outfits. The baby apparently sat and posed for photos throughout the session. He must have known that these photos would be put on display for others to see, because he remained stoic throughout. When I sent a few of the pictures to my mother, she was amazed at how calm he looked.
I had to shatter the myth. My wife did take one picture during the photo shoot that probably won’t reside on any walls. It proves that my baby is a normal baby. And it’s awesome.