MOBY Wrap MLB Edition

By Published On: January 27th, 2014

As a huge Chicago Cubs fan, I’m happy to report […]

As a huge Chicago Cubs fan, I’m happy to report I’m also a major fan of the MLB Edition MOBY Wrap, which I recently had the chance to try with my 3-month-old daughter.
MobyWrapMLBRedsWhen I first took the MOBY wrap out of its box and found that it’s a very long piece of fabric, I worried it was going to be difficult to figure out. However, the MOBY wrap was much easier to put on than I anticipated, fortunately. The illustrations in the instruction manual were very helpful, and I actually had it on in just a couple minutes. (There are useful videos with instructions too!) I was able to put it on without the help of another adult and found it easy to tie and adjust, especially because there are no buckles or straps to contend with. After putting it on a couple times, the process was easy to remember and I no longer needed the instruction manual.
Our baby seemed very comfortable in the carrier—it’s like wearing her in a giant hug! She was especially happy while I was moving around, as opposed to standing in one place, which is consistent with her usual preferences.
The wrap is very comfortable for the wearer as well. It did not hurt my back at all, and the straps did not dig into my shoulders. (I found that having the fabric neatly spread out across my shoulders (instead of bunched up or twisted) helped ensure comfort.) I was able to do all kinds of things while she was in it, including washing dishes, making dinner, and playing with my older child.
This carrier is very small when folded up and fits nicely its carry bag. Packed up, it’s only about 6” x 3”, and it’s very light, so it can easily be stashed in a large diaper bag. My wife and I found it easy to swap the carrier from person-to-person because the wrap doesn’t have set sizing. Rather, it uniquely fits each time you use it. Any size adult can wear it, and it also accommodates wearing different shirts, sweatshirts, coats, etc. with ease. The carrier is a simple cotton fabric and can be machine-washed in a washer and dryer. There are definitely times when it is more convenient wear baby in the carrier instead of a pushing stroller or shopping cart, so we’ve been glad to have it with us on more than one occasion.
MobyWrapMLBAthleticsThe MOBY wrap is for babies 8 to 35 pounds and can be used in various front and hip carrying positions, and it’s very affordable and incredibly practical. Although it comes in various colors, designs, prints and even organic options, I’m especially excited that parents can get one sporting their favorite major league baseball team. This was a huge plus for me, because as guys, let’s face it: Most of these carriers are designed for women, and there’s finally one with some manly qualities that we can wear too! Homerun!
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