MOBY Wrap Evolution

By Published On: March 1st, 2016

There are those times when my baby is just not […]

There are those times when my baby is just not loving life. Often those are the moments I’ve got a bajillion emails in my inbox screaming for attention, my other kiddos are starving for a snack, and I need to throw on some makeup—or, let’s be honest, at least brush my teeth—because my mother-in-law is on her way over. It’s enough to make any mama sweat.
Sound familiar? If so, let me introduce you to the MOBY Wrap Evolution (a.k.a. my new personal hero).

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 1.46.54 PM
This oh-so-soft carrier has the design of its classic counterpart, the mom-favorite Moby Wrap, with a new (amazing!) breathability. It has a composition of 70 percent viscose from bamboo and 30 percent cotton so that when the heat is on, you and your baby will be cool as can be. And, if you do happen to glisten ever so slightly, you can toss the Moby right into the washing machine—a definite perk for the OCD among us.
While the breathability factor of the Moby Bamboo Wrap has been a major plus for me (I could probably win the World’s Sweatiest Mom award, if there was such a thing), there are loads of other features I am loving about my new wrap.

First, it is seriously simple to use, which is a must-have when you’re a mom who has a baby who might possibly pierce your eardrums if you don’t get him or her in the carrier in under 30 seconds flat. When my new Moby Bamboo Wrap arrived, it didn’t come with any instructions. I had no idea what to do with this long sliver of fabric that stretched the entire length of my home’s staircase, but after a simple google search, I was in business.


There are clear, step-by-step instructions and photos on Moby’s website, as well as videos showing how to use the carrier in various configurations. (Check them out here.) So far, because my little guy is only a couple of months old, I’ve stuck to the “newborn hug hold” and “kangaroo hold.” There are two additional ways to carry an older baby listed with the online instructions—a traditional hug hold and a hip hold. Age and weight guidelines are listed with each hold to help you determine which to use. Like the original Moby Wrap, the lightweight Bamboo version can be used with a baby ranging from eight to 35 pounds.

Although there was a learning curve to using the wrap—sometimes it was too tight, sometimes too loose—it wasn’t hard to figure out the right fit after a dozen or so tries. The only thing I still haven’t mastered: how to keep the extremely long ends of fabric from touching the ground while wrapping my baby. It’s not an issue at home, but the ick-factor of wrapping fabric around my baby that was on public ground seconds earlier has kept the Moby my go-to carrier for around-the-house rather than something I use when running errands.

The two holds that I use most often both feel comfortable; there are no straps or hard pieces of plastic to dig in anywhere—just soft fabric for days. The stretchy materials  feels durable and evenly distributes the baby’s weight across my back and hips. I’ve tried my fair share of carriers, and this one feels more comfortable to wear for extended periods than others I have used.

Another win is that it doesn’t detract from whatever outfit I’ve thrown on for the day. The color is neutral enough to go with everything, and the line comes in a number of colors, including Blush, Charcoal, Teal, Denim Cloud and Black. (I have “Blush”—a taupe-y color with slight pinky-purplish undertones. Despite the name, my hubby has no qualms wearing it. The undertones are lost on him; he calls it “brown.”)

Of course, all other details aside, the best part of using a carrier like the Moby Bamboo is knowing I can keep my sweet baby comfy, close and secure in the midst of daily activity. In between answering phone calls, straightening the house and helping my kids with their art (or whatever else the day throws our way), I have my sweet guy close enough to kiss his sweet head a million times. Of course, he never knows it because within a minute or two of being wrapped up, he is always well into dreamland.

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