Mobi Technologies DXR Touch Baby Monitoring System

By Published On: November 7th, 2013

Mobi Technologies’ DXR Touch Baby Monitoring System allows us to […]

Mobi Technologies’ DXR Touch Baby Monitoring System allows us to hear and see our son in his crib during naps and at night. The monitor has a clear, color picture and excellent sound quality. The touchscreen works well. The icons make sense and are easy to navigate; you won’t need to consult the manual to use the features or make adjustments.
Mobi Technologies DXR MonitorGetting started with the DXR Touch is easy; though you do need to wait for the monitor to charge first. Before the first use, you need to charge the monitor for at least five hours. A step seems to be missing from the set-up instructions: You’ll need to insert the monitor’s battery before plugging it in to charge before the first use. Then, it is as simple as turning on the monitor and camera. No pairing is needed! I was really excited that the monitor and camera were already set up, and that I didn’t have to figure out how to sync them. The intuitive icons made using the camera easy without needing to refer to the manual for set-up. Though if needed, the instruction manual is well-written, well-illustrated, indexed and easy to use.
The DXR Touch has a clear picture and sound quality. At night, the camera does well with automatic IR illumination. The night-light feature is designed to comfort your child and is not needed for visual quality. Speaking of features, this monitoring system has many! Because there are so many, here is a list to break it down.

  • The monitor has an integrated screen cover. I like being able to cover the screen so that it doesn’t get scratched if I’m headed outside to get the mail or garden. The screen cover also works to prop the monitor in a standing position for easy viewing.
  • You have options for mounting the camera. We use the standard wall mount, but there is also a Velcro strap to attach the camera to crib rails and a hook for door and headboard mounting. Caution if your crib or doors have soft wood; the hook-on mount will leave an indentation in the wood.
  • The DXR Monitor System allows for two-way communication. You can push a button to talk to your little one.
  • You can use up to four cameras and display them all at once by using the split screen mode.
  • The camera has a sound-activated mode. You can have the camera display darken until there is noise in your child’s room. We like this feature for night-time so that the monitor display doesn’t shine all night on our nightstand; it lights when our son needs something.
  • If the monitor is out of the camera’s range, an alert will sound. The range is up to 250-300 meters; we’ve never needed more coverage.
  • You can set a temperature alarm to sound when the room gets to hot or too cold.
  • There are soothing sounds and lullabies that you control with the monitor. We have used the white noise sounds during parties so our son wouldn’t hear our guests.
  • There are six language options: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian.
  • If you’d like to record, there is a built-in MP4 recording and a slot for an SD Card.

The DXR camera does not move. It needs to be installed straight-on for the crib or room you’re monitoring. There is a nice digital zoom option that allows you to zoom in from across the room if needed.
We’ve had trouble with other monitors getting disrupted by our Wi-Fi. Thankfully, Wi-Fi interference hasn’t been a problem with our DXR Touch. The monitor/camera have never gone “out of range” or needed to be “re-paired.” The DXR Touch Baby Monitor’s retail price is $300.  For the security of seeing, hearing, and communicating with your baby, we think this is a reasonable price, especially with all the added features.
Price: $299
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Author’s note: Our first Mobi monitor did not function well. After becoming very familiar with the troubleshooting guide, I contacted Customer Service. The technician asked me to try one more set of steps, but then he discovered that we had a defective camera. Customer service was quick to respond and sent a replacement, which I reviewed above. For a replacement, the company asks that you mail the defective monitor back to them so they can diagnose the problem further.