Million Dollar Baby Jenny Lind-Style Crib

By Published On: October 18th, 2010

Written by: Kate October 17 2010 The timeless style of […]

Written by: Kate

The timeless style of Million Dollar Baby's Jenny Lind-Style Crib has rendered it an obvious crib choice for many a nursery.Its trademark knobby bars surrounding all four sides give off a vintage air, but its safety certifications and ability to convert to a toddler bed ascertain modern day convenience.

The MDB Jenny Lind-Style Crib I reviewed came from giggle, an online and brick-and-mortar retail shop I love for their well-honed inventory of baby-related products that are pleasing in both design and function. You see, giggle has something they call “the giggle criteria” that they use to determine whether a product is worthy of stocking; each product to be carried must meet at least three of the criteria. An overachiever by nature, the Jenny Lind crib meets five of giggle’s criteria (Baby Basics, Multi-Stage, Space Saving/Compact, Tested and Good Value), and I couldn’t agree more that these qualities make the crib a good buy. A crib, after all, is an essential when it comes to having a baby, and one with an extended life through conversion to a toddler bed (with kit, sold separately) is a plus. The crib is relatively compact (it’s uses a standard size mattress, but doesn’t involve a large, bulky or elaborate frame) and is also easily maneuvered with optional casters (included). The crib meets appropriate safety standards, is JPMA certified and lead and phthalate safe, and has a nontoxic finish. Plus, the crib retails at $350, which is incredibly reasonable.

Assembling the crib took two people and about one hour, but was fairly simple and straightforward (once we located the directions—we somehow misplaced them temporarily after removing all the contents from the box!). The only tool required was an Allen key, which as included in the shipment. The crib has four platform heights, which can and should be adjusted as baby grows. Although I wouldn’t want to change the platform height daily, making the adjustments every few months is not a huge inconvenience. The crib also has a guardrail to prevent tots from gnawing on the top of the wooden rail; although the wood and finishes are certified safe, I still appreciate this added precaution.

The Jenny Lind-Style Crib is genuinely a good buy: It is of excellent quality and enduring style. It’s no wonder it’s been around for decades!

Price: $350
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