Miller time

By Published On: April 5th, 2018

 Words to dress by “The best rule: There are no rules! […]

 Words to dress by

“The best rule: There are no rules! I grew up in the South with all of these fashion rules about colors and seasons and all sorts of nonsense. Have fun, experiment, and wear what feels good to you—dress for yourself, not for others.”


Inspiration is everywhere

“I am constantly inspired by the street style and surroundings in our neighborhood of Venice, California. Just taking the dog for a morning walk or heading to the Mumu store, I encounter such great style on a daily basis. Celeb-wise, I always think Kate Hudson gets it right—casual or fancy, baby bump or not, she always looks great.”



“Comfort is key for me, and we are in such a good fashion phase for pregnancy right now. Jumpers and overalls are everywhere, and that is as comfy as you can get.”


A few of her favorite things:

Images: Courtesy of Cammie Miller