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By Published On: April 18th, 2018
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The art of compromise “The best rule: There are no rules! […]

The art of compromise

“The best rule: There are no rules! I grew up in the South with all of these fashion rules about colors and seasons and all sorts of nonsense. Have fun, experiment, and wear what feels good to you—dress for yourself, not for others.”


“While I obviously had to change certain things as my body transformed throughout my pregnancy, I was still able to wear my dresses and prints and still be me. The biggest difference was that I added more casual clothes to my wardrobe. But I always made sure I was wearing color to brighten up my mood, and I never shied away from the prints I have always loved so much. You are what you wear!”


Color story

“Don’t be afraid to rock color even if you think you can’t. Colors and prints will affect your mood. Wearing red and bold colors makes me feel confident. When I want to be sexy and serious, I wear black and dark colors. On my carefree and spiritual days, I wear fun florals or earth tones.”






Images: Courtesy of Kim Phan