Mei Tai Baby Organic

By Published On: April 15th, 2010

Aesthetics. This carrier is very stylish! I like the color, the […]

Aesthetics. This carrier is very stylish! I like the color, the fabric, the patterned material panel used in the front of the carrier. There are many other printed panels to choose from, or you can also order the Mei Tai Baby in a solid color, without the paneling.
MeitaiFit. There are no buckles or snaps or buttons, just the fabric of the carrier, which makes this a very comfortable carrier. There is no hassle of buckles digging into your shoulders or hips or worries of them getting in the way of the baby. There are also two sets of ties, one that ties around the waist and one that ties around the back and the baby. This allows the weight of the baby to be distributed more evenly, taking some of the strain off your back by using the tie around your waist.
It fits well because it is made to fit any size. As long as it is tied on correctly, the Mei Tai can fit everyone perfectly. Unfortunately, the waist tie often slipped a bit loose, but once tightened would fit well again.
Design. The mai tei is very lightweight, as it is only a fabric panel with long fabric ties at each corner. It’s extremely portable, probably the best I’ve seen. Because it is all fabric, it can be folded or rolled up small and tucked into a diaper bag, carry-on, or even a purse very easily.
Usability. This is practical because it’s lightweight and easy to travel with. It is also practical because it allows for multiple positions for the baby, making it useful whether your baby is a newborn, crawler, or toddler. It just simply needs to be tied in a different way and it becomes a new carrier to accommodate the growing child.
I would use it for traveling because it would be easy to stuff in my carry-on or in an overhead bin. I would also use it around the house when my baby needed to be held and I needed to cook dinner or get things done.
It is a little tricky to figure out how to get the baby in alone at first, but after once or twice I had figured it out. The instructions are helpful and simple.
Baby’s reaction. Because my son is 10 months old, he was not content to be in the carrier forward facing, but enjoyed the outward facing position. It seemed to be comfortable to him and he enjoyed bouncing in it as he was snuggled close to me.
Versatility. It can be worn as a front carrier, with the baby inward or outward facing, or it can be worn as a back carrier. With this particular carrier, I preferred the front position, and my baby preferred the front, forward facing position. I can tell that this would be a great carrier for an inward facing infant, and look forward to using it that way in the future. You can also get a headrest accessory piece (not included) to help with the infant’s head control.
This carrier is able to hold up to 35 pounds, so my 3-year-old also wanted to be carried in it. I strapped him in using the back carry position and he really liked it. It was a bit of a strain for me, but the ties are plenty long and the carrier is plenty sturdy.
Price: $95
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