Meeting the midwives

By Published On: October 31st, 2012

Written by: Lesley Graham October 30 2012 I’ve officially had […]

Written by: Lesley Graham

I’ve officially had two appointments now with my midwives and the difference is already so noticeable. Instead of trying to prescribe me something for every little complaint, they listen and encourage me that it’s all “part of the process.” I’ve been feeling a little at my wits end with feeling huge and exhausted. I foolishly asked my midwife if there was anything that I could be doing to speed things along. Her first reaction was that it was a “little early” for that. Crushing. Then she told me that I was entering my “Due Month” and that anything from 38 weeks to 42 weeks was normal. Not gonna lie, I am terrified of 42 weeks. Terrified.

She did give me a little nugget. She told me I could start taking Evening Primrose Oil three times a day to soften my cervix and that I could be doing perineal massage to decrease my chances of tearing. Sam and I laugh about the “perineum” because it is talked about a LOT in all of the birth videos that I’ve been trying to force him to watch. He’s a little intimidated by “the massage.” Can’t say I really blame him.

Until this sweet little girl makes it known that it’s “time” I am going to take my friend Lindsay’s advice and be “as lazy as possible” (or as you can be with a four year old in the house!) and kick my feet back. I’ve been savoring these last few days as a family of three. I’ve been trying to be extremely present of what life was like before and after our newest addition. I’m also trying to be a little nicer. I think my husband has had it with my hormonal state. Doesn’t he know that if he lets me watch Homeland back to back and keeps me stocked on Talenti, that all will be right with the world?! 😉