Medela Freestyle Hands-Free Breast Pump

By Published On: January 29th, 2010

Written by: Heather January 29 2010 Medela has been making […]

Written by: Heather

Medela has been making quality breast pumps for what feels like forever, so purchasing a Medela Freestyle was a no-brainer for me.

I used a manual Medela pump while nursing my daughters since I only pumped on an as-needed basis, but I’ve returned to work this time and I want my son to still benefit from breastfeeding, even if my breasts themselves aren’t there to provide for him! So I have started pumping and saving milk, and I plan to use my Freestyle pump during my lunch and planning periods (I’m a teacher) to make bottles for my son’s daycare feedings during the day, and we’ll continue to nurse in the mornings and evenings. I chose the Freestyle for several reasons, but at the top of my list were quality, portability and ease of use.

Quality: Medela’s pumps work really well since they replicate a baby’s natural nursing patterns, and they also last a long time, so I knew that the up front expense of purchasing this pump would pay off in the long run. I have used less expensive pumps in the past that were actually painful (they felt like they were pulling my breasts off!), but the Freestyle really feels natural and isn’t uncomfortable to use. Its 2-Phase Expression technology allows you to pump more milk in less time, which is a really good thing for someone expecting 18 kids to barrel through her door in about 20 minutes. And I love that it includes a memory button that allows you to save your favorite pumping pattern so you don’t waste time trying to get things set up and comfortable.

Portability: The Freestyle pump comes in a nice tote that holds all your pumping needs, but it is small enough that you could also toss it in another bag if you needed to. The pump motor weighs less than 1 pound and fits right in the palm of your hand! So it’s a lightweight pump that includes everything you need in one grab-and-go bag … what more could you want?

Ease of use: Hands-free pumping is like a dream come true. I can grade papers, eat lunch, and do whatever else I need to while pumping since my hands aren’t tied up with bottles and pumps. Set-up is a breeze and the Medela Freestyle is very easy to use—the first time I used it, it took just a couple of minutes for me to figure it out. And since it’s so comfortable, pumping doesn’t seem like a chore at all. It’s actually pretty easy and I’m glad that my son can benefit from the immunities and other good stuff that I provide him by continuing to nurse.

I’m very happy with my Medela Freestyle and think it’s a great pump for working moms, or just moms looking for a good double electric pump. I also like Medela’s accessories, like their nursing pads, bras and storage bags. They are a great brand!

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