Medela Freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump

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For working moms, a good breast pump can make all […]

For working moms, a good breast pump can make all the difference in successful breastfeeding. When it comes to breast pumps, Medela has a reputation for being the best. The Freestyle pump is a double electric pump designed to be both portable and hands free. It is ideal for busy moms who plan to do a lot of pumping.

The pump comes in a sleek black tote, perfect for storing all your supplies. The pump is small and includes a lithium rechargeable battery, making it portable, and a power cord. It uses Medela’s Two Phase Expression technology, which is designed to simulate the same kind of suction you’d get from your baby. It has nine levels of suction, so you can find the one that is most comfortable for you. It also has a stopwatch feature that automatically starts when you begin, so you know how long you’ve been pumping. (I love this feature!) There is even a memory button so you can save your settings.

The pump also includes both medium and large nipple shields, so you can find the size that’s best for you. (Small shields are sold separately.) The parts are sturdy and easy to assemble and disassemble. It even comes with straps to make the pump hands free. It also comes with a cooler that holds four bottles and an ice pack, and it includes a booklet with helpful information on breastfeeding.

The manual is very clear and easy to follow. You begin by sterilizing all of the parts and charging the battery for 24 hours. (Directions for this are included.) Once sterilized, the parts are dishwasher safe. The hands free straps are designed to attach to a nursing bra. I wasn’t crazy about this design. It took some time to get the straps adjusted, and it still didn’t feel very secure. Side note: Medela does sell a hands free bra that can be purchased separately and is much easier to use, or you can cut holes in an old sports bra and use that. However, the hands free straps do save you the trouble of getting undressed.

The actual pump is very comfortable to use. I have been breastfeeding for a couple of months, so my first time using this pump I was able to use it at the highest suction level without discomfort. It only took 10 minutes to drain my breasts. During that time, I was able to make breakfast for my toddler and do the dishes while pumping!

I can’t believe how convenient this pump is to use. Being able to multitask is crucial for any mom, and this pump definitely gets the job done.

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