No means no

By Published On: August 18th, 2014

Rowan’s world was turned on its side after we introduced […]

Roimagewan’s world was turned on its side after we introduced our little mischief-maker to the word, “No.”

He’s not fond of it.
The cries and frustration used to be reserved solely for hunger and sleep issues. Now they’re fair game if I dare thwart him from his objective, whether it’s licking the garbage can or playing with dog food. As soon as I say, “No, thank you,” and divert him from the most interesting thing in the world, he makes a high-pitched shrieking sound. How dare you, mother? Can’t you see I was in the middle of something very important! The shriek quickly dissolves into genuine tears if my alternative offer isn’t as great as the original. (Which is most of the time because what’s greater than the garbage can?)
I’m still trying to master the art of distraction. I thought it would be enough to bring him to another room and give him a toy. Silly mama! My attention span is longer than that of a gnat. His little butt barely touches the ground before he’s determinedly crawling his way back to the scene of the crime. Then the fun starts all over again!
These exercises help bolster my patience instead of trying it. So I welcome them, since I’ll definitely be needing patience over the course of parenthood.
Bring it on, Rowan! But seriously, please stop with the garbage can. It’s just gross.