Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Air Convertible Car Seat

By Published On: October 6th, 2011

When thinking about the kind of car seat I would […]

When thinking about the kind of car seat I would need for my new babe, I can honestly say I didn’t think about using a convertible car seat at all. A close friend of mine recommended I take a closer look before counting them out. I am so glad I did.
The Pria 70 Air Convertible Car Seat from Maxi-Cosi is my ultimate solution for convenience. As a working mom, it gets tough to handle all the day-to-day tasks that are required. One of the best time-saving choices my husband and I made was to have a car seat that would last from the very first day at the hospital until our baby is 70 pounds. (Something I cannot even begin to imagine!)
maxicosi_pria_totalblack_2011_US_930x1050_02.ashx__0The car seat comes with a special “Tiny Fit System” that allows the seat to be used with newborns weighing in at 4 pounds, up to 22 pounds (or as long as the child’s head is below the top of the insert) and includes a 5-point safety harness and chest clip. The insert is not just a plush head support, but an actual sturdy addition to the car seat that allows parents to feel confident about even the tiniest baby’s security. (Sometimes with convertible car seats accommodating such wide weight ranges, it seems impossible for them to comfortably fit passengers at opposite ends of the spectrum. Not the case with the Pria 70!) The infant insert also provides a built-in recline, which means the main portion of the car seat can be more upright when rear-facing than manyother models so the driver or front seat passenger can still enjoy a decent amount of leg room.Hooray!
When you remove the insert, it fits infants rear-facing up to 40 pounds. After that, you can turn it around forward-facing to fit children up to 70 pounds. (We can use one car seat for all of baby’s car seat-riding years!) The seat has three buckle locations and can adjust to 11 different heights in all. Aside from the major buckle location changes (which needn’t happen very often), it’s easy to tweak the harness height via a handle at the top of the seat (no rethreading required!) as baby grows and grows.
Want to know more? Here’s the 411 on all the details:
Installation. I am not the handiest when it comes to putting anything together. So when I started to take the Pria 70 out of the box, I must say I was definitely nervous. There was no need to be, however, because the car seat comes with detailed instructions that are easy to understand. With the help of my husband, we had the car seat installed in ten minutes. There are even color-coded labels to make sure the car seat is attached securely.
Safety. This is and should be every parents main concern when buying a car seat. Luckily, the car seat comes with Air Protect side impact technology which means it reduces side impact through the release of air upon impact. (A feature that isn’t available on a lot of other car seats!) There’s a Flex Tech advanced construction system to provide the best support, as well as, the highest standards of testing available, including front crash testing. There’s also a LATCH system which adds extra protection and attaches to the latch bar found in most cars.
Comfort and style. The Pria 70 comes with padded harness straps and a comfort pillow for a smooth ride. The seat is incredibly plush—even luxurious!—and the fabric is wicking, which helps prevent “sweaty back syndrome.” There is no denying the sleek design of this car seat. It will fit right in to your grown-up car decor and look so chic while doing it. The black and gray fabric will look extremely snazzy in any vehicle.
After using this car seat, I know it was the right choice for my baby and my family. I highly recommend this seat to any mom who is looking for a safe, convenient option for their babe.
If you have any questions about this seat, you can check out the Q&A section of the Maxi-Cosi site. From questions about installation to how long a baby can stay rear-facing, it is a helpful addition to their site.
Price: $250
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