Maxi-Cosi Leila Highchair

By Published On: November 7th, 2011

Our first thing impression of Maxi-Cosi’s Leila highchair? It looks […]

Our first thing impression of Maxi-Cosi’s Leila highchair? It looks pretty sharp!
It actually blends in with our kitchen decor remarkably well. As far as getting it there, the assembly is simple and took only 5 to 10 minutes. The manual is very easy to follow, and the pictures are great. All the parts snapped together and didn’t require any tools.
Maxi Cosi Leila HighchairOnce assembled, the highchair folds for storage easily into about a 1’(w) x 2’(l) x 3 1/2’(w) space. It’s easy to slide into a small corner of the kitchen. Or, you could also fit it into a closet if you have the appropriate amount of space free. The chair is on wheels, so it is easy to roll from room to room, and all four wheels lock in place securely. If you are looking for something portable for travel, it may not be what you’re looking for; but if you’re looking to move it within your home, it’s great.
This highchair is very durable. It is a quality product that should be able to survive even the most aggressive mealtimes. I was also impressed by how easily everything on the highchair adjusts. It has seven different heights, three different reclining positions, and three different tray distances (from the seat to the tray) that all adjust with just the click of a button. Of course, these buttons are all out of reach for the child. There are also three different levels of seat cushions, three different footrest heights, and two different shoulder strap heights allowing for growth of the baby. The shoulder straps take a few minutes to adjust and switch to the new height, but you should only have to move them once. Thanks to its full-service adjustability, the chair is certified for use from birth to 50 pounds.
The best part of this highchair is how quickly and thoroughly it can be cleaned. The infant seat cushion can actually go in the washing machine, and the removable tray insert can go in the dishwasher. (It’s hard to get much easier than that!) The other cushions and even the restraint straps and cushions are made of a soft plastic-type material that is comfortable, yet extremely simple to wipe clean. And they are also nonabsorbent, which is great! The latch where the restraints come together was much better than others we’ve seen as far refraining from getting food, etc., stuck in it. As long as you keep it latched while eating, it will not get food in it. And, there were absolutely no other corners or crevices to get food stuck in—truly a modern marvel!
Our child was very comfortable in this seat. The levels of cushioning seem to make diners feel secure, but while still allowing them to move a bit. If the restraints are secured, your baby will not be able to wiggle out. The tray is generously sized for messy self-feeders and includes a designated spots for a bottle or sippy cup. It can be removed with one hand for easy in-and-out access.
At $150, the Leila high chair is well worth the price. The ease of cleaning it alone will save you hours of frustration and fine-tooth-combing!
Price: $150
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