Matters of utmost importance

By Published On: July 10th, 2012

In the final trimester of pregnancy when that magical nesting […]

In the final trimester of pregnancy when that magical nesting instinct kicks in, it’s normal to go a little, well, overboard. You might scrub the baseboards (despite the belly you have to contend with to reach them). Or take on the grime-ridden grout in the bathroom (with a toothbrush no less). It’s likely you’ll analyze every inch of your home—inside and out—to ensure everything’s up to snuff for your newest family member and all the visitors who are sure to show up after the little guy makes his debut.
If dusting and mopping is your thing, by all means, go for it. But if shopping for a new doormat to stand on during that “Welcome home” photo you take with baby in car seat in hand or to greet your beloved, life-saving friends and family as they drop off home-cooked meals and take on baby duty while you shower or snooze, look no further. We have 12 eligible mats suited to handle these matters (ahem) of utmost importance.
Matters of utmost importance
Matters of utmost importance by pnmag on
a. Show baby where the heart is.
b. The perfect pick for tech-y types.
c. There will be days when this mat takes the words right out of your mouth. (Though it may deter the plate of warm cookies from your neighbor, so exercise caution before displaying.)
d. A mama bird and her baby.
e. Knot a bad looking option, eh?
f. Address the Am-I-at-the-right-house-? confusion with a monagrammed mat.
g. Home sweet home just got sweeter.
h. Celebrate your new arrival with a polkadot party.
i. A bright and chipper choice to make up for the days when you’re not.
j. Cheers to having friends and family just a stone’s throw away.
k. This recycled flip-flop mat emanates casual-cool (which is the kind of parent you are, of course).
l. Channel the Brady Bunch—opt for Astroturf.