Handy how-to: Manage pelvic pain

By Published On: May 1st, 2016

If you’re in your final weeks of pregnancy, you’re probably […]

If you’re in your final weeks of pregnancy, you’re probably feeling the annoying ouch your doc calls “round ligament pain.” Take heart that it’s a normal part of bump-hood and a common complaint among expectant mamas. (So you’re not the only one!) If that doesn’t make you feel better, these tips will …
pelvic-painLong story short
Inside every woman’s pelvis is a pair of thick, short ligaments (known as round ligaments) that keep the uterus in place. As the uterus enlarges, these ligaments are pulled and stretched, becoming long and taut (like a rubber band) and occasionally tugging on nerve fibers.
Where it hurts
Some moms-to-be experience sudden, sharp pains that pass quickly, while others might feel a dull ache that lingers. The hurt can hit either side; although according to the Mayo Clinic, it’s more common on the right (and likely radiates into the groin).
No sudden movements
Most often, round ligament pain rears its head when you’re switching positions, such as rolling over in bed or getting in and out of the car. To minimize the discomfort, limit the intensity of ligament stretching. That means taking your time to move a bit slower. Don’t stand up quickly from your desk at work, and try to ease into bed at night. A maternity support belt can also help lighten your load.