Mamas & Papas Urbo2

By Published On: August 25th, 2014

Shopping for a stroller can be overwhelming. Options are endless, […]

Shopping for a stroller can be overwhelming. Options are endless, with a myriad of brands and styles flooding the marketplace annually. Travel sets, three wheels, four wheels, all-terrain … it can quickly become a guessing game. So my wife and I created a checklist to help narrow down our search: function, safety, aesthetics and lifespan.
I was given an opportunity to review the Urbo2 from Mamas & Papas. It eliminated the guessing for us, but we still ran it through our checklist, figuring it would be a great way to structure our review.
Function: One of the major factors for us was finding a stroller that maneuvered well and stored easily. Watching other family members load/unload clunky, oversized strollers—that once wheels hit pavement rolled like the last shopping cart on a Sunday (i.e., the ones with one wheel causing the whole thing to drift left) made function a top priority.
The Urbo2 grades out very well in both of these categories. From a storage standpoint, the Urbo2 only requires two quick movements to breakdown. Its compact frame folds over and takes up a minimal amount of space compared to other travel systems we have tested out (the Urbo2 requires attachments but works with several major car seat brands)—a major plus when trying to corral a small child, diaper bag and large coffee.
The Urbo2’s maneuverability is off the charts. I ran the stroller through several types of terrain, and it excelled on all of them because of the high quality construction and suspension. Higher end materials/bearings (very few plastic parts) allow this stroller to roll like a dream, with luxury car level handling. Check, check on functionality.
Safety: The Urbo2 maneuvers well (as mentioned) which is also a great safety feature. Construction feels solid while using the provided seat or car seat attached and assembly/disassembly of those attachments is a breeze. The straps are well-padded and require a slightly complicated process to click in, but it’s easy enough once you get the hang of it and helpful if you have a Houdini apprentice as a daughter. An adjustable handlebar allows for couples of different heights to have a personalized, comfortable setting for using the stroller. Check on safety.
Aesthetics: This is very handsome stroller. We receive compliments/questions nearly every time we take it out. It’s clean, contemporary and sleek. Stainless finishes, simple color choices—ours is navy with brown, leathery handles—allow you to get what you pay for in the looks department alone. The large canopy provides full coverage for varying weather conditions and the reclinable seat comes in handy for feeding, diaper changes and naptime. It has a very high-end look and feel, so if that’s high on your priority list, it’s definitely worth a peek. They offer several other attractive color combinations available.
Lifespan: One of the most overlooked factors in purchasing a stroller is lifespan. The major problem my wife and I see with other travel systems is from a size standpoint, once your child grows out of the car seat the stroller is so large you know longer want to lug it around. This leads to purchasing a new, more compact stroller, limiting the lifespan of your travel system. The Urbo2 is compact, lightweight and higher in quality. It may also be higher in price, but it allows you to make the transition from baby to toddler stroller without having to purchase an additional stroller.
We would highly recommend the Urbo2 to anyone looking for a functional, compact, and attractive stroller. At $579, the price tag  may seem scary, but if the stroller falls near your budgeted price range, I would seriously consider the investment. The Urbo2, in my opinion, is likely to outlast the competition given its superior construction and functionality.
Price: $579
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