Mamas & Papas Go Eat

By Published On: May 9th, 2012

After pulling our baby’s new Mamas & Papas Go Eat […]

After pulling our baby’s new Mamas & Papas Go Eat Highchair out of its box, my husband and I joked that our little guy’s new mealtime ride was the Ferrari of highchairs. The sleek design, leather seat, and mod color scheme (brown and white with tangerine accents) suggested a high-class status. Just one use of the chair, confirmed it.
goeathighchair_0In fact, before I ever even sat my little guy in the seat, I was sold. I’ve never been adept at putting things together out of the box. The directions are always Greek to me, and I after a few, tense minutes of frustration, I inevitably petition my husband for help. But not with the Go Eat Highchair. The diagrams were easy to follow, and within five minutes, all the pieces were in place and the chair was ready to go.
I slid my little guy into the seat, adjusted the heavily padded shoulder straps and buckled him into the five-point safety harness. Mealtime had never been so easy—and neither had the clean-up. The plastic tray and leather seat wiped good-as-new in a snap. And, thanks to the quick fold-and-store action, the chair was out of sight in the pantry in seconds.
For weeks, I had put off buying a highchair because I was worried that it would take up too much room in our kitchen. Then, I ventured upon the Mamas & Papas design. It folds flat in just a few simple steps.
In fact, it’s so easy and lightweight, I can hold the baby in one arm and put it away (or get it out) with the other. To put it away, I pull the release trigger under the tray and slide it out. An elastic band on the back of the chair holds it firmly in place. Next, I press the number “1” and number “2” at the base of the chair with my foot. The legs release and flip around to the front of the chair and are held in place with another elastic band. The whole process takes just a moment, and is a lifesaver at my house where space is a precious commodity.
Besides it’s compact, easy-to-use-and-store design, I love the made-to-last materials. I doubt that our little guy will be the last of our brood, and the heavy plastic, leather, and durable vinyl straps will last through all of our future little ones (and probably then some).
Aesthetically, the chair is pleasing to the eye. Where most high chairs feel clunky and would look at home in a nursery, the Go Eat is sleek, slim profile and “chocolate” color fit right into our modern-style home.
Though I never thought that “amazing” would be a word I’d use to describe a highchair, I find myself doing just that to all of the moms I know. I already loved mealtime when our little guy started eating solid foods, but with the Go Eat, it’s quick, easy, and even more fun.
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Price: $180