Mama Mermaid Basic Linen Sling

By Published On: October 5th, 2015

Looking for a comfortable and fashionable way to babywear? Let […]

Looking for a comfortable and fashionable way to babywear? Let me tell you about my recent experience with the Mama Mermaid Basic Linen Sling.
MamaMermaid4Out of the box the sling took a little homework to understand. I found a few helpful third-party videos on all the expected sites (YouTube, etc.) and highly recommend checking some out—they can help with some of the fine-tuning of the sling that might not be immediately clear. Mama Mermaid has a few tips on its site, too.
Once I learned how to use the product, both my son and I really enjoyed it. I was able to take the sling on and off without the help of an additional adult, and I maintained freedom of movement while wearing it. The rings in the sling helped it stay tight and fitted, so both baby and I felt safe using it.
MamaMermaid1I was able to run errands and work around the house with ease while wearing my son. I also tossed the sling in his stroller or diaper bag (it fit with not problem!) when we went out an about, and if he had a freak-out, the sling was a quick solution to pacify him while still allowing me to pushing a stroller or shopping cart.
The sling comes in a variety of pretty, gender-neutral colors (I opted for Gray Wolf), and I received compliments every time I wore it. The fabric wasn’t initially soft, but after a few washes and wears, it became very comfy. It is very breathable, which I was so thankful for on hot summer days.
The sling is machine washable, which we moms all know is a critical. I was a bit worried about the linen needing ironing, but to my happy surprise, it wasn’t necessary at all. Mama Mermaid also offers silk fabric options with lovely colors and textures that are a little fancier.
MamaMermaid2The Basic Linen Sling can be used from the newborn stage through toddlerhood (6-36 pounds) and fit both my mother and me as we carried around my little boy. The website states that some people prefer the double layer linen or silk sling once their child gets a bit heavier, but with my little man at just 13 pounds, I did not feel like additional support was needed. I tried the sling in several positions—tummy-to-tummy, kangaroo and hip carry—and appreciated having the variety of options.
I developed some back pain in the last week of my pregnancy that I’m still recovering from, so wearing the sling for more than 15-20 minutes gave me shades of discomfort—like due to a lack of lower back support. However, that’s indicative of slings in general and not necessarily a critique of the Mama Mermaid sling. For this reason, I still opt for transporting my infant in a stroller for long distances or extended periods of time. However, the sling is great for shorter outings, breastfeeding and keeping baby close when he’s not happy in the stroller.
If you’re in the market for a sling, I would gladly recommend the Mama Mermaid Basic Linen sling for its quality and style.
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