Mama knows best

By Published On: April 1st, 2015

There’s no time like the present Now is the time […]

EMABThere’s no time like the present
Now is the time to start thinking about what goes on your skin because what goes on you goes in your baby. Pay attention, and find products that you feel comfortable using for your family.
It’s what’s inside that counts
To make sure you’re choosing safe products, become a label sleuth. Start by avoiding listed chemical ingredients like fragrance/parfum, sulfates, Triclosan, petrolatum and parabens. To verify that ingredients are organic, locate an independent third party certifier (like the USDA) on the label. It can seem tricky at first, but once you know what to watch for, the process will become simpler.
Go with what you know
Look for ingredients you do know. You might see Butyrospermum parkii, but next to that Latin mouthful should be a translation—in this case, safe, soothing shea butter. Recognizable ingredients are usually a step in the right direction.
Think outside the box
Just because a product was intended for one thing doesn’t mean you can’t use it for another. Melinda Olson spills the beans on unexpected ways to use her favorite products.

L10-244-01_stretch_oil_4oz_whiteNatural Stretch Oil, $20
ORIGINAL USE: Relieving itchy skin and encouraging skin’s natural elasticity
ALTERNATE USES: “It’s also lovely as a bath oil, and we’ve heard many moms use it as a moisturizing facial oil.”

Natural Nipple Butter, $13
ORIGINAL USE: Soothing nipples
ALTERNATE USES: “Mamas also use it for winter skin, peeling cuticles, chapped lips, cracked heels and even getting gum out of a child’s hair.”


Organic Morning Wellness Tea, $6
ORIGINAL USE: Original use: Easing morning sickness
ALTERNATE USES: “If it’s safe enough for pregnant women, it’s also safe enough for anyone in the family with a queasy tummy—even kids!”