Mama drama

By Published On: March 12th, 2012

What if pregnancy and parenthood were translated into soap operas? […]

What if pregnancy and parenthood were translated into soap operas? Here’s what storylines we think you’d see:
Guiding Light
A silent and dark “coming of age” series chronicling the struggle of unborn babies grappling with new and unfamiliar urges to head toward a strange bright spot.
All My Children
The glamorous women of Pine Valley juggle playdates, diaper changes and night feedings (with a few demon possessions and lost-at-sea storylines thrown in to keep it soap opera consistent, of course).
Days of Our Lives
Instead of sands through the hourglass, the sands go straight into the bags under these new moms’ eyes as they cope with the sleepless nights of baby’s first year.
The Young & The Restless
Rebel-without-a-cause kids with a yearning to be wild and free create daily drama for their families as they blatantly refuse to sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time.
As the World Turns
Get drawn in to the gripping twists and turns of the surprising narrative as the tiny citizens of Oakdale discover that they can grasp, sit up, chew and walk.
General Hospital
Tune in each weekday as dashing young doctors stride in and out of rooms where expectant mothers labor for hours and hours. And hours. (This is the longest running soap opera currently on television.)
One Life to Live
A poignant miniseries about the fleeting moments of childhood. Set your DVR—you won’t want to miss a single episode.