Major milestones

By Published On: July 1st, 2013

Filling out Isaac’s 8-month card was eye-opening. Every month I […]

07.01JenniferDavisFilling out Isaac’s 8-month card was eye-opening. Every month I jot down the highlights from that month, and all the little things he has learned or experienced. This month was a big one! He started sitting up on his own, holding his bottle and crawling all within a few days. It wasn’t long after that he started pulling up on things. He is all over the place now exploring his newfound mobility. Meanwhile, I’m adjusting to having him on the go. Learning how to keep up with the house and him is going to be a challenge.
Jon finished installing the baby gates on the stairs this morning, so I can breathe a little easier letting him crawl around while I do chores upstairs. I’ve already caught him with a rubber piece off a door stopper in his mouth, and our coffee table suddenly looks like the most dangerous thing I’ve ever seen, with all it’s glass, metal and tile. I’m just waiting for his little head to come down on it.  Oh, and he has pulled the cats’ water bowl over on himself at least three times now. Cleaning that up counts as mopping the floor, right?
It has me thinking of all the things that he will accomplish over the next month. Perhaps he’ll cut his first tooth, or wave bye bye, or even say “mama”. (Be still my heart!) Surely he won’t be walking within the month?
From what I read, now is about the time that their development takes off, so who knows what all we’re in for. I honestly feel like he changes every single day. Every night when I rock him to sleep I can’t believe another day is done. It really is going so fast.