Maelee Mommy Bag

By Published On: January 28th, 2010

Oh, what’s in a mom bag? If it were called […]

Oh, what’s in a mom bag? If it were called by any other name, would it still carry everything but the kitchen sink?
MaleeMommyBagIn this case, yes! Maelee bags are the newest line of mom bags to hit the market, but not only are these bags big enough to carry it all, they have the unique ability to keep everything perfectly organized. No, really!
I’m always excited to find a bag that boasts organizational features—an overabundance of pouches, pockets and zippers will force me into streamlined submission, right? Wrong. No matter how neat-and-and-tidy my bag may be for the first few days, my busy schedule and “stuff” seem to overwhelm the well-intentioned pouches.Sadly, my cell phone never makes it into the special phone pouch and I would never take the time to attach my keys to a built-in lanyard, so I always end up with my arm crammed to the bottom, sifting through piles-o-junk, in hopes of finding my keys (or wallet … or sunglasses …).
Lucky for me (and you, too!), I’m not the only one to have this problem. Mompreneur and modern mommy of two, Lindsay Mayer, decided that it was time to create a bag that worked for her, instead of the other way around. I never realized I was a slave to my bag until I experienced Maelee. Of course I was instantly wooed by my Lindsay bag’s plush leather handles and eye-catching fabric, but it was when I discovered all of it’s remarkably thoughtful details that I truly fell in love.
The bag contains 13 pouches total (2 outside, 11 inside), along with one large interior zipper pouch. Sure, that’s a lot of storage room, but the sweetest part about the pockets is their ability to be personalized. While they vary in size, none are too deep to lose a pacifier (or your hand), and labels can be affixed to each pouch so that you know exactly what’s inside. They don’t come pre-labeled or specified, you choose what goes where. Maelee offers self-stick labels made for baby, toddler or mommy, so the bag can grow with any mom-to-be, or even a mom-never-to-be. So what makes this any different from the pocket-laden bags of my past? One spectacular detail: Maelee bags unzip to lay completely flat, so I’ll never have to hunt or dig for my gear again! Putting things where they belong in this bag is just as easy as tossing my goods thoughtlessly into the tops of others.
While the bag is adorable, it definitely doesn’t announce to the world that you’re a baby mama—which is great, because it can make the transition from being a stylish partner in parenthood to a very lady-like carry-all quite smoothly. The colors inside and out are neutral, tasteful and wipeable, and the pockets are designed to be perfect fits for bottles and diapers, or pens and a Blackberry. The zipper pouch comes with a changing pad, but that can easily be exchanged for a laptop. All this, and somehow the bag remains lightweight and svelte enough for everyday use.
What you do with your Maelee bag is your choice—and that’s exactly the point. Even when you’re not feeling organized or efficient, you can rest assured that your bag is.It’s nice to find a bag you can depend on … one that won’t eat your ID, swallow the baby wipes in your time of need or clash with your outfit.This bag loves you. Moms everywhere owe Maelee a big thanks for reminding the world that a bag shouldn’t leave you frazzled, it should leave you dazzled!
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