Made to order

By Published On: January 17th, 2012

One of my goals this year is to cook dinner more and eat out less. (Admittedly, this week was an epic fail, but I’m planning to re-board the bandwagon next week. It’s too early to give up!) Along with making your own meals, it’s easy to DIY baby’s too. There are all sorts of handy tools to help simplify the process, and you may even find your tot can enjoy a baby-friendly version of your meal. (Click here for some easy-peasy mommy-and-me recipes.)

  • Kidco’s deluxe food mill makes easy work of pureeing.
  • OXO’s mashing tool transforms those steamed carrots into a tot-ready texture in a jiffy. (I also can’t help but see it coming in handy when making homemade guacamole.)
  • Boon’s banana slicer does exactly what you’d expect it to—and quickly.
  • Beaba’s food processor steams, chops and purees. (Truthfully, I thought it seemed a little over-the-top at first, but after having had the pleasure of using it, I can attest that it’s seriously awesome.)
  • OXO’s baby food ricer seems like such a handy product. Aren’t you dying to try it?
  • Boon’s chopper is powered by the pull of its handle, much like the motion you’d use to start a lawn mower. Fun, right? (Bonus: It’s also great for making salsa. (Apparently, I’m in the mood for Mexican today.))

puree / mash / slice / steam / rice / chop
Have you tried any of these smart kitchen contraptions? Do you make your own baby food? I’d love to hear!