Maclaren Techno XLR

By Published On: May 13th, 2010

You’ve seen the first half of my travel system. Now here’s the second installment! This British beauty is begging to wheel my babe around from birth through toddlerhood and beyond (up to 65 pounds!).
TechnoXLR1I chose the Techno XLR for my registry wish list because …

  1. In my opinion, Maclaren is king when it comes to lightweight strollers. And I’m just not interested in going bigger than an umbrella this go ’round.
  2. It teams up with my favorite car seat, the Graco SnugRide, to create a cool travel system. (The colors even match up nicely!)

I have some experience with Maclarens, so trying out this bad boy wasn’t totally foreign to me, but setting it up as a travel system was a little trickier. Because the car seat and stroller were not made for each other (although they are compatible), the transition to travel system is not completely effortless. Each time Iset it up, I’ll need to attach the adapter bar and buckle the car seat in place, then reverse that process when I pack up to head home. This isn’t a big deal, but it does add a couple minutes on each end. When the car seat is in place, it seems secure, and the canopies do a fairly successful job of shielding baby from the sun and wind.
As a single element stroller – which is how I’ll be using it after the first few months – the XLR is truly a winner. It’s a bit bigger than some umbrella strollers (about 17 pounds), but it’s constructed beautifully and it glides like a dream. I dig the one-step foot brake, and it navigates so easily, I’ll have no issues taking it through doorways or between racks in stores.
Smooth ride aside, the XLR also has plenty of nice features that put it a notch above other umbrellas. The super-extending canopy with a UV-protected window is awesome. Storage is available in the back pockets and basket underneath. The seat easily reclines to four positions, going nearly horizontal if desired, and the foot rest can be extended. The handles are adjustable in length (a major plus for those of us who are taller than average … and for those who wear heels).
The look is gorgeous, with a two-toned five-point harness, polished handles and buckle, and subtle but stylish logos here and there. The fabric is high quality with reflective accents. Plus, check out all the extras that are included:

  • Coordinating, removable headrest
  • Strap pads
  • Coordinating, reversible seat liner
  • Raincover
  • Car seat adapter bar and attachment strap (for travel sytem compatibility with Graco’s SnugRide, Britax’s Companion (which is no longer in production) and Peg Perego’s Primo Viaggio)
  • Customized luggage tag

I picked up the attachable XLR Boot for use in colder weather, and I’m considering adding the Universal Organizer, because I think I’ll miss having cupholders otherwise. There is no cure for the lack of a tray for baby, so we’ll see how he does without finger foods while we’re rolling!
One more note: You may have heard about a major Maclaren recall recently. Evidently, the side hinges could potentially injur fingers. For safety, the stroller now comes with hinge covers that aren’t shown in these pictures.