Lug Shuttle Bus

By Published On: January 28th, 2010

OK, so it’s not really a diaper bag per se, […]

OK, so it’s not really a diaper bag per se, but Lug’s Shuttle Bus is a really awesome piece of luggage that’s perfectly suited for preggo- and new-mom use.
LugShuttleBusIt’s ultra versatile, so it can serve whatever packing needs you may have. For example, if you’re headed to your in laws for a few days to celebrate the holidays, you may not want to bring your massive, holds-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink suitcase (since doing so could bring false hope to your MIL that you’re sticking around for more than 48 hours). Pack in this roomy, squish-able bag and easily carry it on for the short plane ride to hubby’s hometown. (Also thereby eliminating the risk of lost luggage and the uncomfortable circumstance in which you have to borrow one of your MIL’s festive-yet-not-exactly-chic Christmas sweaters).
Or, say you’re headed to your parents’ house for a week and your large-and-in-charge suitcase is already jam-packed with stuff for you, your man and your babe. Pack this bag empty (it lays flat enough to take up hardly any space) in your suitcase to tote home the multitude of gifts those eager first-time grandparents are sure to present you with during your stay.
Or, maybe you just travel so heavily that you need to pack two bags. (Hey, I won’t judge—believe me.) Instead of trying to wheel two suitcases simultaneously (which, from experience, I can say is not too easy), pack one suitcase and one duffel, so you can conveniently rest the duffel atop your wheeling suitcase as you make your way to your gate. (A sling-over-your-shoulder duffel is also convenient when you’re pushing a stroller or rolling your kiddo’s car seat.)
Why this bag, instead of your plain old, run-of-the-mill, average duffel? A few reasons, but namely: organization. This is not a bag in which you place your neatly folded outfits only for them to come out jumbled and wrinkled after you’ve rooted around looking for that tube of toothpaste you swear you brought along. No, this bag has roomy exterior pockets for easy access to oft sought-after essentials (and even a soft-lined zip pocket for your digital camera or cell). Plus it has a smart side storage compartment to separate your stinky shoes (or dirty clothes) from the clean stuff. Oh, and it has a hidden water bottle pocket (to be filled after you make it through security) and ID window for identification.
What else does it have? A padded shoulder strap; a clear, protective coating on bottom to protect it from the icky floors of public places; and a water-repellent finish. And it’s super, super lightweight, so you’ll be able to carry it even when it’s chock-full.
If you’re not in need of a stylish duffel (who knew such a thing existed?), have a gander at the rest of Lug’s fresh, clever line. From bags of all sizes to handy storage devices, Lug offers various contemporary designs in a handful of vibrant colors.
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