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Little Loyal joined the Rhodes family last August, and his […]

Little Loyal joined the Rhodes family last August, and his mom, Sarah, knew she wanted a fun, modern, fresh design for his nursery in their Phoenix home. “My goal in putting together his nursery was to create a space … where creativity is cultivated,” Rhodes shares. The talented photographer and mom of two (Loyal was welcomed into the family by big sister Imogen) tells us how she pulled together his home sweet home.

Loyal-Rhodes-6On inspiration
“Loyal’s nursery was loosely inspired by Salvation Mountain in Niland, California. It all started with the painted wall. We live in the desert, so the idea of the colorful creativity of Salvation Mountain combined with the desert of Phoenix felt like it made sense.”

Loyal-Rhodes-1Loyal-Rhodes-ALoyal-Rhodes-7On close quarters
“Loyal’s nursery is unbelievably tiny. It’s about 6 feet by 9 feet. It was a fun challenge searching for pieces for the nursery, and we had to rule out a baby rocker right away in favor of a chair with a smaller profile. We thought we were choosing form over function … but we were so surprised by how comfy it is! I’m guilty of falling asleep on it during middle-of-the-night feedings.”

Loyal-Rhodes-5Loyal-Rhodes-8On combining styles
“I’m pretty colorful and my husband is more minimal, so we work together to make a home that we all feel happy with. I’m so proud that the room has pieces that both my husband Josh made (the shelf, mountain backdrop and honeycomb side table) and I made (the crib sheet and desert photographs), so it feels like a family effort.”

Loyal-Rhodes-9Find Loyal’s parents online at arrowandapple.com and joshmakes.com.

Photography by Sarah Rhodes