L'ovedbaby Nursing Shawl

By Published On: January 29th, 2010

Written by: Shannon January 29 2010 I’ve been nursing my […]

Written by: Shannon

I’ve been nursing my little one for about four months now, and I’ve realized that even though I don’t have a problem with people nursing uncovered in public, I myself can’t do it.

I guess I’m just way too modest, but now that Jake is bigger and we’re getting out more, I’m having a tough time feeding him while we’re away from home—tossing a blanket over my shoulder just wasn’t cutting it. So I was happy to have the opportunity to try out a Nursing Shawl from L’ovedbaby.

The shawl is stored in a compact little bag that fits nicely inside your diaper bag. The shawl itself easily slips over your head and offers plenty of coverage for feedings. It’s very comfortable, and the opening at the top provides lots of space for you to still see and interact with your baby while he’s eating. The soft fabric is another nice touch.

When you aren’t using the Nursing Shawl for its original purpose, it can serve as a baby blanket, infant seat or stroller cover, and many other things. And it’s very affordable, which is important to me since my husband and I become a single income family when Jake was born so I could stay home with him. I’m very happy with my L’ovedbaby Nursing Shawl!

Price: $30
Buy it: lovedbaby.com