Lorex Baby Little Link HD Wi-Fi Baby Video Monitor

By Published On: June 1st, 2014

The Lorex Baby Little Link HD Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor […]

The Lorex Baby Little Link HD Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor is a dream come true for parents of little ones. This sleek little camera provides complete peace of mind while monitoring children out of arms reach, by streaming video over the internet onto your smartphone or iPad in impressive 720p HD resolution. It’s fully compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, although not Windows compatible at this time.
LorexBabyLittleLink2The quality of image received from the Little Link is wonderful when compared to other systems my family has tried. However, a strong internet signal is crucial to avoiding short lag times in monitoring. Set up is easy: Simply plug in the camera, turned it on and download the free Lorex app to your choice of smart device. I had trouble finding an iPad app, but the iPhone version worked just fine for my iPad. Set up instructions are included and helpful as well. For mamas and papas concerned with the security of internet baby monitors, each Little Link camera boasts a unique ID number which, when connecting with Lorex cloud servers, ensures that your video feed is secure and protected from intrusion at all times.
The Little Link includes a number of useful features. While well made, its camera is tiny, allowing it to be extremely portable. I typically leave it plugged in, but its battery has the ability to operate for three hours cordlessly. I haven’t yet found an instance when we’ve needed to go cordless, but it is a nice feature, nonetheless. When away from home, the Little Link features a built in Wi-Fi hotspot, which allows you to connect to the camera via phone without the internet or a Wi-Fi router, providing viewing capability from anywhere in the world. Crystal Clear Night Vision gives a fantastic view of the room after the sun goes down, without the graininess sometimes seen in other systems. Two-way audio allows you to talk with and settle a fussy baby remotely, as does the built in night light and Sleep & Soothe Sounds system. Room temperature alerts are included to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for baby, and Snap ‘N Share technology allows you to capture HD photos and videos on an SD card, ensuring you’ll never miss important moments again. The long list of available options and features on the Little Link left me super impressed with Lorex Baby—there’s nothing they didn’t think of to help a parent out!
LorexBabyLittleLink3My favorite feature is that the Little Link allows parents to set motion and sound alerts to fully monitor activity in the nursery. If your little one stirs, cries or needs assistance, when set, a notification is immediately sent to your email of choice. I take this technology one step further and have notifications instantly forwarded to my phone’s text messaging. The alert sensitivity is configurable to best fit your family’s needs, providing you with the choice of what actions/sounds require your attention. As long as your mobile device is nearby, you will know what is going on in your home—with no bulky monitors needed! Hallelujah! I love not having the glare and light from a baby monitor bedside all night.
When shopping for a video baby monitor, I’d highly recommend the Lorex Baby Little Link due to its ease of use, excellent picture quality and variety of thoughtful features. Knowing that my baby is safe and secure at all times is of the utmost importance, and the Little Link provides me with total confidence that all is well … or I’d know about it immediately!
Price: $180
Where to buy: lorextechnology.com