Little ways to show you still care

By Published On: February 1st, 2010

If a baby has come between you and your guy […]

If a baby has come between you and your guy (quite literally) and you find yourself consumed with morning sickness, name books and pediatrician interviews, these eight quick and easy tips will let him know that you still care—even if you don’t always have the energy to show it.
1. Surprise messages 
Whether it’s a note stuck in his briefcase or a message written across the mirror, your guy is bound to be surprised—and thrilled—to find a sweet “I love you” in an unexpected spot.
2. Fake it
No, not that—we’re talking about faking interest in those things he loves that you, well, don’t. You might not care who won the game, but every once in a while, act like you do. It’ll give him the warm-fuzzies to know his little lady is his number one cheerleader.
3. Back off, just this once 
Yes, he forgot to take the trash out, but instead of voicing your displeasure (which he has probably been dreading since he realized his faux pas), keep it to yourself. He knows he messed up and will fix it–and he’ll be a lot more likely to remember to do it next time.
4. Get a little touchy-feely 
Run your fingers through his hair, scratch his back, touch his face when you kiss him good-bye… surprising little touches can mean a lot.
5. Non-holiday surprise
If you know your husband’s in the market for a certain something, pick it up for him as a surprise. There’s no rule that says presents have to wait for a holiday!
6. Put your heart out there 
It’s sappy and completely cliche, but making a heart-shaped cake, pancakes or cookies requires only a little extra effort and it shows you made time for your partner. If you don’t cook, pick up something sweet from your local bakery.
7. Let him win
You’re always right, he’s always wrong. Why not let him win every once in a while? Whether it’s watching that action flick instead of the comedy you’ve been wanting to see or giving him free reign over the nursery paint purchase, letting him have the final say will make him feel macho and well-loved.
8. Modern-day love letters 
Sexy texts and emails are a fun, easy way to get your engines revved and the love flowing. And an added bonus—you know he’ll be thinking about you all day long!