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Listen up, working moms! If you are looking for a […]

Listen up, working moms! If you are looking for a diaper bag that seconds as a gorgeous and professional looking tote, look no further than the vegan leather Little Unicorn Brookside tote.

I’ll be honest, when I first received the bag I used it more as my own purse than as a diaper bag. I took it to work as well as three job interviews and at $75, it’s more affordable than a large tote from Kate Spade or Tori Burch (but is just about as fashionable). It’s available in three colors: brown, taupe and blue. I received the brown bag, and I love everything about how it looks, from the very smooth vegan leather exterior to the adorable striped (and waterproof!) interior.

The bag itself is fairly big and can hold all your baby and working mom necessities. It’s even big enough to pack up for a weekend trip. I carry diapers, wipes, four changes of baby clothes, pacifiers, my nursing drape, a blanket, cloth diapers, folders, phone, wallet, keys and even my laptop, and there is still some room left in the tote!

There are eight pockets inside the bag that do a great job of promoting organization. The tote has seven good-sized and convenient pockets as well as one fabric-lined pocket that zips up, which was specifically designed to hold and protect an iPad. The pockets make it easy to store your phone, wallet and keys all together so you wont lose them.

Little Unicorn also provides a matching changing pad in one of the bigger pockets, as well as handy stroller straps. There are also metal feet at the bottom of the purse so it won’t get dirty or scratched while on the ground, which keeps your bag looking good.

One thing that would make this bag more comfortable and convenient (though less professional in appearance) would be different straps for the tote. The shoulder straps are not the best to wear while holding a baby or fidgeting with a stroller, as they tend to fall off the shoulder easily. I wish this bag was designed to be worn either as a crossbody bag or even magically as a backpack.

Other than the straps, the Brookside Tote looks and feels great and works perfectly as a diaper bag, a weekend bag and a professional tote for the fashion-forward mom!

Price: $75
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