Lily Jade Anna

By Published On: September 1st, 2014

Having a good diaper bag is a must with a […]

Having a good diaper bag is a must with a new little one. Before having my daughter, I never realized just how much I would have to carry with me every time I left the house or how much I could manage to cram into a single bag.  My biggest complaint with my former diaper bag was that it couldn’t really transition to a purse for the times I was without my little one. Did I really want to lug what was obviously a diaper bag to work or out to dinner on the rare occasions I had a few hours child-free? While transferring my personal items from diaper bag to purse should be simple, I almost always forgot something important like my credit card or favorite lip balm. My hopes for a diaper bag that could easily transition to a purse for just me were answered when I received my Lily Jade Anna diaper bag in the mail. My days of constant shuffling and over-stuffing are finally behind me.
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The Lily Jade Anna diaper bag in gunmetal looks nothing like your standard diaper bag at first glance. It is very feminine, so I know my husband would have no interest in carrying it (the only real fault of the bag), but for a mom-only bag, it is perfect. It is a beautiful silver color (the Anna also comes in black) made from a smooth, wipeable synthetic material with silver hardware and zippers. The bag itself has two outside zipper pockets, and the inside has a large zipper pocket and two medium sized pockets. The inside is lined in vibrant purple. The bag also can be carried as a shoulder bag by its two top straps, or the removable cross body strap can be attached for use as a messenger bag. I prefer carrying the bag using the cross body strap, so that I can be more hands-free while lugging around the car seat and my baby. The bag is also very large, so there is plenty of room for all the baby essentials.
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The standout feature of the Anna and other Lily Jade bags and the feature that made me fall instantly in love is the removable, signature baby bag organizer. The Anna comes with a baby bag organizer in the same color as the interior lining and is perfect for packing all things a baby needs. There are pockets for bottles or sippy cups, blankets, pacifiers, wipes and diapers. The baby bag organizer also comes with a changing pad, perfect for on-the-go diaper changes when you don’t want baby on a germy changing table in public restrooms. Best of all, the baby bag organizer is not attached to the bag, so transitioning from a diaper bag to a purse just for mom is a seamless, hassle-free transition. The baby bag just lifts right out of the purse. This bag was definitely made with busy moms who want just one bag to accommodate both baby and mom in mind. You can simply remove the baby bag, keeping all the contents inside, and have a perfect purse for times when you are not with your little one.  The removable baby bag could even be used at home on a countertop or changing table to organize diapers and wipes within arms reach. When you are ready to leave the house with the little one, you can just grab the baby bag, place it inside the Anna and you are out the door. This diaper bag definitely saves times and eliminates unnecessary shuffling.
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The bag is a bit pricier than bags you would find at baby supply stores, but it is a designer bag that can be used long after you need an actual diaper bag. No one would ever look at the Anna and assume you are carrying around an overstuffed diaper bag. Plus, the removable baby bag is a standout feature that makes this bag totally worth the splurge. Now that I have my Lily Jade Anna bag in gunmetal, I am confident I have an awesome diaper bag and an awesome purse that will be used for years.
Price: $170
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