Lighten your load

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Travel light A lightweight stroller that folds up nicely will […]

Travel light
A lightweight stroller that folds up nicely will be your ally when pulling everything out of your trunk. The Mountain Buggy nano™ stroller can quickly expand with one hand and collapses to the size of a small travel satchel. It’s compatible with any infant car seat thanks to included adaptors and can also be paired with a newborn cocoon™ carrycot. Together these pieces create a comfortable, protective spot for your baby to accompany you on an errand run or take a sweet snooze. What’s more is the cocoon can be carried solo to better accommodate your mobility needs. At a mere 16.1 pounds, it makes this travel system easy-breezy.

Easy access
Diaper bags are helpful, but the added weight to your shoulder can be a pain. Not only that, but the number of times you need to dig around to find the wipes, a diaper or baby’s pacifier can add many unnecessary stops to your outing. Adaptable stroller hooks can keep everything organized and within arm’s reach, and it keeps you from feeling like a pack mule!

Hands free
A baby carrier is truly a lifesaver when there are places to go and babies to hold. The juno™ is an all-in-one carrier boasting four medically approved positions, retractable storage pockets (large enough for your smartphone!), and easy-to-adjust straps for the perfect fit from infancy through 44 pounds. Your hands will be free to accomplish that to-do list while simultaneously nurturing and loving on your tiny passenger.

Backup plan
If you’re short on stroller hooks or have more than one bag’s worth of supplies (it happens!), a backpack can carry the extra contents and keep the weight evenly distributed. There are options for travel, outdoor activities, ones with built-in changing pads and some that just look pretty. It’s worth having one for the days where you feel you need more hands than you have.

This post was created in partnership with Mountain Buggy, a line of quality baby gear for active, urban parents living without limits.