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By Published On: March 1st, 2016
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Late to the Revolution headphones, $40 Aren’t these headphones the […]

Late to the Revolution headphones, $40
Aren’t these headphones the cat’s meow?
—Steph, Creative Director 
Petit Collage stacker, $24
Perfect for both play and display, this funny bunny is my new go-to shower gift.
—Chantel, Associate Editor 
Kikkerland comb, $15
For those times when taming your hair is a whale of a task.
—Shea, Fashion & Style Editor 
GURGLE POT pitcher, $45
Dinner guests are always amused by this fishy pitcher, which makes a gurgling sound when I pour.
—Lacey, Editor in Chief
Imm Living bookend, $50
Not only is this bookend doggone cool, it’s also heavy enough to actually work!
—Mayuko, Photographer 
Jellycat London plush pig, $25
Judging by the grin on his face, I’d say this swine is happier than a pig in … well, you know the phrase.
—Lauren, Executive Editor 
Fiona Walker England felt animal trophy, $160
My sister has this zebra hanging on my nephew’s nursery wall, and I admire it during every visit.
—Joan, Editorial Intern 
Lil’ Pyar pillow, $30
I’d be totally OK with having this little bird perched on my glider.
—Tanya, Blogger

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