Small, dark and handsome

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  When a task feels like too much to take […]


Evjen-Nursery056When a task feels like too much to take on, sometimes your best bet is to outsource. So mom of two Alexandra Evjen, blogger at AVE Styles, reached out to Annalisa Thomas, founder and head designer of nursery brand Oilo, to make her dream for her son Levi’s nursery a reality.
Evjen-Nursery139On inspiration
“We wanted a place mom and baby could both enjoy. Alex already had the mid-century inspired dresser and crib that she loved, so that was our jumping off point when designing the room.” —Annalisa Thomas, founder of Oilo
Evjen-Nursery050On that much-needed pop
Designer Annalisa Thomas noticed as the room was coming together that it wasn’t popping as she had hoped, so she added the dark accent wall and voilà! Mission accomplished.
Evjen-Nursery132On knowing your limits
“I realized that being pregnant and chasing after a 2-year-old would make it hard to put much time and thought into the nursery. Working with Annalisa on the space made the process so much easier and faster. I was able to collaborate on the vision and direction while also left to enjoy my pregnancy and watch the room come to life.” —Alexandra Evjen, blogger


Evjen-Nursery127On investing in a solid “big three”
“Our crib, changing table and chair all get used multiple times a day. They not only provide comfort, but they keep our day running smoothly.” —Alexandra Evjen, blogger
Evjen-Nursery006On splurging a little
“I’ve learned that it is worth every penny and minute to create a special space for me and my children because you spend quite a bit of time in their rooms when they are young.” —Alexandra Evjen, blogger


Photography by Rennai Hoefer