Letting go

By Published On: January 14th, 2013

Written by: Jennifer Davis January 13 2013 I’m having a […]

Written by: Jennifer Davis

I’m having a really hard time moving Isaac to his own room. He sleeps in a bassinet, which he’s quickly outgrowing, beside our bed. My husband has been ready for the move for weeks, but I’m really struggling with letting go. In all actuality, I know he’d be fine in his crib, but I just haven’t been ready to let go. It’s like moving him in there is admitting that he’s not a tiny baby anymore, and I can’t quite do that yet.
I’ve had friends suggest moving the bassinet toward his room a little every night. Others have told me to just size up to the pack and play. I have friends who’s babies slept in their rooms until they were 6 months old, and others who went straight to the crib the first night home from the hospital.
I know in my heart that I just need to do it. Rip off the band aid. It has to happen eventually, right? He can’t sleep in that bassinet forever, and I know my husband will not be okay with sizing up to the pack and play. Besides, I had always had 2-3 months in my head. Here we are, at 2 months, 2 weeks. I guess it’s time.
But, he’s just a baby! Also,I like the fact that I can roll over and physically see his little chest rising and falling. I like that when he starts stirring I can stick a pacifier in his mouth and buy myself a few minutes before I have to get up for a feeding. (The binkie is my new snooze button.) Mostly, I just like having him close.
I keep telling myself to set a date…
He has been taking naps in his room, so he I can get used to the idea of sleeping in there. We have a video monitor, which helps a little. Although, I still find myself sneaking in to check on him. Nothing quite like laying eyes on your baby, you know?
So, any advice? How long did your little one sleep in your room?