Let them eat cake

By Published On: November 25th, 2011

“Start each day like it’s your birthday.” A good sentiment […]

Start each day like it’s your birthday.” A good sentiment to live by, right?
It was only yesterday that we were being thankful and counting our blessings—today, let’s celebrate them. November 25 just so happens to be my birthday, but that’s no reason the rest of you can’t join me in the fun. Every day deserves to feel special.
Whether you choose to honor the life inside you, make a big deal out of your baby’s 100-day mark, or simply partake in some merrymaking over surviving your first solo outing with a newborn in tow, you’ll no doubt find some excuse for a mini-celebration.
Wanting to take the party to the next level (and have a stomach isn’t still stuffed with turkey)? Bake a cake for your fun-filled fete. Here are just a few mouthwatering finds from (the insanely addictive and inspiring) Pinterest. Nesting mamas might be up for trying some of the trickier concoctions, and cravings-crazed mamas might want to indulge in them all (and I wouldn’t blame them).
If you try any, be sure to let me know. I think the rainbow cake is particularly pretty, but it’s the truffle cake balls that really have my sweet tooth in a tizzy.

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