Let it soak in: The benefits of cloth diapering

By Published On: May 31st, 2012

Go green(er), save money and make new friends! Cloth diapering […]

Go green(er), save money and make new friends! Cloth diapering has its advantages. These benefits might convince you converting to fluff (that’s an “insider” term) is a smart move.
• Cost Savings: Generally you can save around $2000 from birth to potty training if you cloth diaper instead of using disposables. Add in cloth wipes & save another $500. Planning on having multiple children? Then they’ll be diapered for free once the initial stash is built up. Check out this calculator from Cutie Tooties to estimate your savings.
• Go Green: All too often going green takes extra green out of your pocket, but not this time. This is one way to help the environment by eliminating waste in landfills and save money while doing so.
• Great for Baby: Whether you have a baby with sensitive skin or a desire to potty train early, cloth diapers can help. Cloth diapers do not have all the chemicals that disposables contain, leading to fewer issues with rashes and irritation. Your baby will also be more aware of a dirty diaper and will likely let you know quickly. Not only will this prevent rashes, but it can also lead to earlier potty training.
• Great for Mom: Who ever would have thought that you would make friends over your baby’s bum? It’s true! Mom’s who cloth diaper have an instant connection with other moms who cloth diaper.
• Fashionable and Fun: No need for pants on your little one when you have hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from. Once your baby gets older changing time does not have to be a fight, since they will enjoy picking out a new diaper or cover.
Additional Money Savings Ideas
If you already use disposables and have invested in a dirty diaper storage bin, then use that for cloth. If you haven’t, there is no need to spend money. Just use a plastic storage bin or garbage can if you don’t want to buy a wet bag or separate diaper pail.
Save even more by:
• using cloth wipes
• using a diaper rental service
• buying used diapers
• reselling your used diapers
• air drying your diapers and covers
• using a cloth cover as a swim diaper
• cloth diapering multiple children