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Ana-Maria Klizs, a cybersecurity consultant and blogger in Toronto, Canada, […]

Ana-Maria Klizs, a cybersecurity consultant and blogger in Toronto, Canada, welcomed her third son, Henrik, in March. She learned a thing or two with the first two nurseries she designed—such as her fondness for a changing table with open shelving (her previous setup’s drawers were a pain to open and close while corralling a wiggly infant)—and used that knowledge and experience to create a nursery that’s every mama’s dream. “Every little thing in our little boy’s room is completely functional,” Klizs attests. Read on for her tips on making a big impact in a small space.

First things first
“I started with the palm leaf wall, and the room took shape from there.”

Mama’s must-haves
Klizs has a pretty good handle on true newborn essentials by now, and she made sure that she has them at the ready in her new baby’s room. “I could not live without a giant basket of swaddle blankets right beside the glider—babies spit up constantly! And, of course, blackout blinds and a sound machine are necessities. Sleep is the No. 1 worry for me when I have a baby, and my mission in life is to get through those first four months in one piece.”

On setting the mood
“I wanted to create a really calming space—mainly for myself. I spend so much time in the nursery, especially in those first few months, that I wanted a space that made me feel cozy and serene.”

On striking gold
“My biggest splurge was definitely the glider, though I think I scored a pretty good deal on it. I searched for a glider on KIJIJI (a popular online classified ad service in Canada) and happened to come across a post from Monte Design’s head office advertising a floor model. When I went to pick it up, it turned out that it was actually a custom-made glider for a customer who changed her mind … and I got it for half price!”

On keeping things cozy
“Having a comfortable place to nurse and cuddle my baby is going to be a game-changer.”

On working up
“One of my favorite parts of this nursery is the book wall. We got the picture ledges from IKEA for $13 each. It was a last minute addition because I felt like the room was missing something. It’s a very tiny room, so trying to maximize space vertically was a must.”


Photography by Ana-Maria Klizs