Leading Lady Nursing Bras

By Published On: November 17th, 2011

Written by: Anjie November 17 2011 As a first time […]

Written by: Anjie

As a first time mom, nursing bras are new to me—an unfamiliar and somewhat daunting new reality.

Leading Lady's nursing bras are the first I tried after the first few weeks of our new life with our son (in which I spent most of my time in pjs and nursing tanks or sleep bras). Wow, did these help me feel human again!

These bras look fabulous. They make you feel attractive and, dare I say, even sexy as you make the transition from being a person to being a primary food source. They look great under clothing and have smooth lines even under a T-shirt. The slightly molded cups provide enough discretion for modesty and hide even the thickest nursing pads— which is great for those early days of nursing. The lace trim is a pretty, delicate feature but is comfortable and still very functional. These bras provide great support. I really have no complaints against the soft cup bra. It is easy to unhook, easy to fold or tuck under for nursing and seems to keep its shape well.

The underwire style is slightly less functional. The underwire comes up halfway on either side, making it much harder to fold the cup down for nursing. I am concerned that over time the slightly molded cup would develop a crease or wrinkles that would show through clothing and lessen the attractiveness of the bra. I probably won’t wear the underwire model for everyday use, but it looks really attractive when needed with certain outfits.

All in all, I think these bras are extremely attractive and don’t feel at all like the frumpy nursing clothing I felt doomed to wear as a new mom.

Price: from $16
To buy: leadinglady.com