Le Mystere Sexy Mama Underwire Nursing Bra

By Published On: January 31st, 2011

Written by: Terry January 30 2011 Breastfeeding and sexy aren’t […]

Written by: Terry

Breastfeeding and sexy aren’t words often used in the same sentence. Utilitarian, matronly, dowdy … That’s how I would describe many of the nursing bras I’ve come across.

But Le Mystere’s Sexy Mama Underwire Nursing Bra is an exception. It’s lovely, and lace-y, and makes me feel pretty.

It’s also comfortable. Available in sizes 34E to 40F, it can fit a range of shapes and sizes; plus it has four hooks in the back of the band, so it can expand and shrink to accommodate one’s ever-changing body. I wore the bra in my third trimester of pregnancy (after wearing my regular bras was no longer an option) and have continued to wear it in my first weeks nursing my little guy. Because it fits so well, I haven’t been worried about or had problems with the underwire causing clogged milk ducts. And because it looks so feminine, I feel like woman and not just a milk-making machine when I wear it. It supports and lifts and has a thin layer of padding that perfectly conceals nursing pads. And the one-hand clips are simple to use—I can easily open and close the drop-down cup with one hand.

The tag says to hand wash the bra, but as a busy new mama, I’ve been washing it in the machine on the delicate setting (in a bra bag, of course) and line drying. So far it’s maintained it’s shape and held up very nicely, which is a good thing, since I have a feeling I'll be sporting this breastfeeding beauty for many months to come.

Price: $66
To buy: zappos.com