Lansinoh Affinity Pro

By Published On: July 25th, 2013

Right off the bat, let me say—I’m no pumping novice. […]

01063d20913c6683af06f8d944a3822cb656bea8Right off the bat, let me say—I’m no pumping novice. After three kids (the third baby being breastfed through his first birthday while I was working a full-time job), I’ve been around the electric milk collection machine block. So when I had the chance to try out the Lansinoh Affinity Pro double electric pump, I brought my A-game. (A-game=breasts.) And I was pumped. (Pun intended.)
First up—the size: it’s compact, but not so small that it can’t get the job done. This is a huge plus for a commuting mom like me. Lugging around a giant pump bag along with my lunch, and diaper bag for daycare drop off, and work satchel, etc., etc., etc. can do a number on your arms and shoulders. So the smaller the pump and its accoutrements, the better.
Also, I was impressed with the noise level of the pump. Sometimes you find yourself pumping in conspicuous places (public restroom, anyone?) and when you’re dealing with a pump that is announcing to the planet what you’re doing, it can be a little awkward. Quieter is better. A cool feature that I had not experienced on my other pumps is the timer atop the motor portion of the unit. It’s a handy thing to have when you’re trying to track time vs. output.
Like most electric pumps, both the suction intensity and the frequency are adjustable, which is important for mimicking the movements of a baby’s suck to get the most out of your sessions. The package also comes with holders in which to set your milk-collection bottles to keep them from tipping, which is fantastic. I’ve spilled pumped breast milk before, and despite the old saying, I definitely cried.
Best of all, and unique to the Lansinoh pumps is their closed system. This means the design ensures that the milk can’t back up in the tubing, which keeps the pump hygienic, and able to be passed on to others after your nursing days are over.
The whole kit n’ caboodle contains: a pump base unit, two 5 oz bottles, two breast flange bodies, two container rings, set of two diaphragms, two sealing disks, two 25 mm flanges, two extra white valves, two bottle stands, three connection tubes, one tubing strap for tubing, one Y tubing connector, one pump connector, an AC connector, a tote bag, two milk storage bags, two nursing pads, a sample of lanolin, and an instruction booklet.
The pump can be plugged in to an outlet or used with battery power.
I highly recommend this petite powerhouse. It’s affordable and effective—a solid choice for all pumping moms.
Price: $130
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